Going back to school with YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks

My almost 6-year old starts 1st grade in about a week. Leading up to the 1st grade, Jasmine would only go to school half the day; she was home before lunch. I never needed to pack her a lunch, but now I do. After discussing the prospect of Jasmine eating school lunch, and talking to her about it, we decided to send her to school with a packed lunch.

I remember when I was young, there was always one thing in my lunchbox that I considered a treat, and looked forward to it. Sometimes my mom would put a little Nesquik in a baggie for me to add to my milk, or she’d put in a hostess cake. From time to time, my mom would even write me a little note on a napkin. For Jasmine, I’ll definitely write notes, but the treat she’ll look forward to will be her fruit snacks. YumEarth Organics are made with real fruit juice and are gluten-free. Slowly, my family and I are going the gluten-free route, it hasn’t been easy, but it’s nice to know I have a fun snack to offer the kids now.


Jasmine’s a super picky eater and instead of her going hungry at school, she’ll have a delicious homemade meal to look forward to everyday when the lunch bell rings. I’d rather her eat food she likes than go hungry and not be able to concentrate in class.

This back to school season, kids will go BANANAS for New YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks and parents will feel so BERRY good knowing they are made with real fruit juice and other planet friendly ingredients. – YummyEarth Inc.

YumEarth is the number one organic candy company in the United States. YumEarth Organics Fruit Snacks are 100% vegan and made with organic fruit juice with NO artificial color flavors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup and none of the common allergens: dairy, nuts or gluten. My kids are both addicted to fruit snacks, I have no hesitations about giving them a pack of YumEarth Organics to enjoy. YumEarth Organics also carry gummy bears, sour beans, lollipops, and candy drops. Plus, the prices are very reasonable.


For more information and a store list, check out yummyearth.com and make sure you visit YumEarth on Facebook and Twitter @YumEarth. Being social is fun!

Will you send your child to school this year with a packed lunch?


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    My kids will eat lunch at school. My daughter should do fine, and for my son it’s to try to get him to try new things. I was able to send snacks so that helped plus big breakfast.

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    My son eats the exact same thing every day since preschool (he will be in the third grade this year) peanut butter sandwich, carrot sticks, apple sauce and juice box. This would be great to substitute in for the apple sauce :)

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