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There is a new app from Advil PM, it’s the SleepHelp app and I’m excited to tell you all about it. Advil PM SleepHelp is available for download from the apple app store. If you’re not an apple user, then rest assured, they have you covered, too. You can download the SleepHelp app on Google Play. Advil PM SleepHelp app is totally FREE. Keep reading for your chance to win The Advil® PM SleepHelp rest and relaxation inspired gift package, valued at $50. (giveaway has ended)

I don’t really have a hard time falling asleep at night. I’m usually so tired by the time I crawl into bed at night, that I doze right off. I also sleep in a super comfy bed. My husband and I invested in a TempurPedic mattress a few years ago, ever since then, we sleep soundly through the night. It’s a joy to go to bed at the end of a really long day. Buying our TempurPedic was a thing we did to help us create our special sleep oasis. Also, we don’t have a TV in our room, nor do we have anything else in there that might distract us from getting a good night’s sleep. There are some nights that my back really hurts me. It’s nights that I have pain that I normally take 2 Advil PMs to help me sleep a little better. I like that they are not habit forming, and they really do work. 

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This new app from Advil PM is really neat. Start getting the sleep that you need with the Advil PM SleepHelp app. Get tips on creating you perfect sleep oasis, learn about certain foods and drinks that might be keeping you up at night. Do you sleep with a noisy partner? There are even tips on the SleepHelp app to help you deal with them.


So, what are you waiting for? The key to a good night’s sleep is just a download away. Download the new SleepHelp app, then enter this amazing giveaway. Enter to win an Advil PM SleepHelp gift package. The giveaway is open to US residents only and ends at 11:59 pm EST on August 13, 2013. Good luck!

The Advil® PM SleepHelp rest and relaxation inspired gift package will include the following:

–          Samples of Advil® PM

–          Fleece blanket

–          Memory Foam Neck Pillow

–          Hot / Cold Gel Eye Mask

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  1. Natasha Rodriguez says

    I like that is gives you tips but also it tells you when to go to bed and how many hours you will get when you go to bed at that time. No more counting it and trying to figure it out! :)

  2. Angela s says

    I like that it tells you a recommended time to go to bed, and also ideas of food that could contribute to keeping me awake.

  3. Maryann D. says

    It has a lot of great features that can help with sleep. I like the tips and recommendations and alarm.

  4. Jamie Brigham says

    I love the surviving on no sleep section, that is how I normally am going about my day. I am nocturnal.

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